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  1. How to Brew by john Palmer (pre order only)

    How to Brew by john Palmer (pre order only)

    Product detail Imprint: Brewers Publications Country of origin: United States Release date: May 2006 First published: June 2006 Authors: John J. Palmer Dimensions: 250 x 175 x 22mm (L x W x H) Format: Paperback Pages: 347 Edition: 3rd Revised edition ISBN-13: 978-0-937381-88-5 Learn More
  2. Brew Ware

    Brew Ware

    Proper equipment takes the hassle out of homebrewing. There's nothing that quite matches the satisfaction of having just the right tool or equipment to perform a task -- and brewing tools are no exception, especially when you've created or adapted them yourself. Homebrewing authors Karl F. Lutzen and Mark Stevens offer great ideas, from home-sized versions of commercial brewery equipment to simple gadgets that make brewing easier or safer. To help brewers choose the best tools, they offer a balanced evaluation of the advantages and drawbacks of each. Learn More

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  3. home brew beer

    home brew beer

    This is a step-by-step guide to brewing your own beer at home. If you're keen to learn how to make your own beer at home, but need a manual that not only provides instructions, but recipes too, then Home Brew Beer will be your very own brewing bible. Home Brew Beer includes over 100 home brew beer recipes from around the world with brewer's tips and photographs of the finished beer so you know what you're aiming for. Plus this ultimate reference book provides techniques for three levels of difficulty for beer making, allowing you to brew beer from a basic kit, malt extract, or using the full grain method the professionals use. Recipes are categorised by beer style including every variation of ale, lager, and hybrid beers, with beer-style overviews describing the typical appearance, flavour, aroma, and strength of each style of beer. You'll also learn the science behind the brewing process and handy timelines and step-by-step photographs show you what to do at every stage of the brewing process. Home Brew Beer is great for beginner home brewers needing clear explanations, more accomplished brewers who want to take their interest of beer making to the next level, or anyone looking for a wealth of delicious and satisfying beer recipes. Learn More

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  4. Brew like a monk

    This book delves into monastic brewing, detailing this rich-flavoured region of the beer world through detailed visits to the modern producers in both America and Belgium. Along the way, Stan Hieronymus examines methods for brewing these unique ales, suited to commercial and amateur brewers, ready to try their hands at these tasty treats. Learn More

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